• Commercial Truck Leasing and Financing

  • The commercial trucking industry revolves around the vehicles that each company manages. Commercial trucking companies can greatly benefit from the expertise of commercial truck financing experts. At Direct Capital, that is exactly what you will find. We have twenty years in the industry, helping companies just like yours to finance the trucks that they need to remain successful. Too often, commercial trucking companies settle for less than the best in order to save money. Unfortunately, trucks that are not good quality will often break down, causing that company to have to fork out the cash for repairs or replacement. No matter the size of the company, this can have a huge impact on their financial well being.

    The good news is that whether you run a mid- or large-sized trucking company, our  financing options will allow you to raise revenue with trucks that are in good condition. Whether you are interested in new or used trucks, a commercial truck loan is what will keep you in business and keep it running smoothly.

  • Benefits of Commercial Truck Equipment Leasing

    All of us here at Direct Capital seriously advise you to consider the benefits of a commercial truck financing agreement. Our focus is solely on helping you secure the money you need to upgrade your trucking equipment and assist in keeping you ahead of your competition. You will be able to lease these trucks without having to tie up your company's working capital or business credit lines. This allow you to use those resources towards other aspects of your business, continue doing what you do best serving your customers.you money in order to secure new equipment; we also want you to be able to keep up with your competition by providing you with of a complete network refresh option at end of lease agreement. You can have this chance without having to tie up your company’s working capital or business credit lines, giving you the freedom to employ those resources towards other aspects of your busines

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    At Direct Capital, we want to ensure that you are able to lease the trucks you need to make your business successful. We are in the business of providing financing for all your  trucking needs including:

    • Water Trucks
    • Refuse Trucks
    • Dump Trucks
    • Flatbeds
    • Walking Floor Trailers
    • Haulers
    • Catering Trucks
    • And more!


    Not only do we provide the biggest selection of financing options, but we work directly with every customer to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the transaction. Our financial experts will be available every step of the way to answer your questions, help you choose what will work best for you, and explain any of the details that may not seem clear at first.

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    Doing business with Direct Capital is one way to ensure that you are successful. With so much experience in the industry, we have the resources and financial options you need.


    We provide leasing for thousands of different types of businesses, allowing many companies to be able to afford the trucks they need.

    We work with our customers to come up with a lease option that works best for them based on their time in business, their needs as a business, and their monthly budget.

    We offer a buyout option after a term that is agreed upon between us and our customers.

    Our managers are experts in the field, with the experience needed to recommend only the best financing options for each individual customer.

    Each loan is flexible and cost-effective, allowing the customers to afford the other monthly costs that they continually face.

  • Ready to Get Started?

    The decision regarding what kind of lease you want to secure your Commercial trucking equipment through is an important one. Let Direct Capital be that lending partner you choose. Our experience in the commercial trucking industry makes us one of the top qualified companies to help you with this financing process. Call us today at 1.866.777.0117 to find out more about our many commercial trucking equipment financing options.