• Crane Leasing and Financing

  • Whether you own a construction firm, a farm, or another industrial business, a crane is one of the most useful tools at your disposal. Having the ability to lift items, move goods or even make repairs is a necessary part of many jobs. If you are shopping for new equipment, you know that even smaller machines can come with a big price tag. That is why our team at Direct Capital is happy to offer our clients quality solutions such as construction crane finance plans. You can enjoy all the benefits of having the equipment you need on hand without experiencing the hassle of owning it.

  • Benefits of Crane Leasing and Financing

    A mobile crane financing plan comes with a number of benefits. Primarily, many business owners like the idea of preserving their cash flow. When you choose to lease a crane or other heavy machinery, you forgo dropping a large amount of cash and instead opt to make affordable payments every month that are derived straight from your budget.

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    You can use your capital for other investments or costs associated with growth. You have the flexibility to bid for new contracts or take on new jobs. You will not have to worry about having an asset that is depreciating.


    Another way that hydraulic crane leasing options help your business is that they enable you to stay on the cutting edge of new technologies. When your lease term is over, you can upgrade to a newer model. This keeps your business competitive through increasing your efficiency. Lastly, leasing a crane or other equipment means you no longer have to incorporate expensive maintenance or repair costs into your budget.

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    With extensive experience across a range of industries, our team at Direct Capital has the expertise to put together crane truck financing options that are catered specifically to your needs. Our process is simple: once you determine which crane trucks you are interested in, simply let one of our representatives know. He or she will ask you for information such as your monthly budget or how long you have been in business.


    We have the flexibility to provide small crane loans in addition to factoring in soft costs. What’s more, we can combine financial products for other tools, as we have helped companies with leasing options for:

  • Ready to Get Started?

    Instead of acquiring a depreciating asset for a large purchase price, choose to work with our team at Direct Capital. We provide our clients with fast, effective solutions for leasing or financing cranes and other equipment. You can preserve your capital and expand your tool belt when you choose to work with our crane leasing company. Call one of our team members at (866) 777-0117 or simply fill out our online contact form to start exploring your options today.