• Dermatology Equipment Leasing for Skin Professionals

  • When it comes to the skin, many patients are simply concerned for cosmetic reasons. While discomfort and poor health may play a role in their concern, the way that they look is often their main focus. The good news is that with dermatology equipment leasing, dermatologists are able to provide their patients with the best care for their skin. Whether this means cosmetic surgery or rash treatment, dermatologists can provide benefits to their overall practice and their patients with the equipment financing we provide at Direct Capital.

  • Benefits of Dermatology Equipment Leasing

    Dermatology instrument financing allows you to upgrade your facility, which could be the best move that you make for your business. Dermatology equipment leasing companies pose the following benefits for clients just like you:

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    Cosmetic tool leasing allows you to be more efficient at what you do. With the most technologically advanced devices in the industry, your patients will notice increased efficiency and better overall care.


    At the end of the term, you are given the option to upgrade. With this option comes the assurance that you will not be using outdated equipment in your practice. Additionally, you can use an add-on or master lease to upgrade the equipment you use whenever it works for you.

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    Less Risk

    With our funding options, you are exposed to less risk. Whether this is for dermatology laser leasing or something else, equipment ownership risks are alleviated and production in the workplace could increase.


    When you lease the equipment that you need, you are able to maintain a certain amount of capital that can be used for other applications. With small monthly payments, you will not be breaking the bank each time you need new equipment for your dermatology facility.

  • At Direct Capital, we understand that many issues dealing with the skin can be sensitive; both physically and emotionally. We want dermatologists everywhere to be able to provide a sensitive touch to their patients with the proper equipment. We realize that this can only be done with equipment that you can afford, which is why we offer financing options that you simply can’t pass up. After determining the needs that you have in your dermatology facility, we will discuss with you which financing options will help you obtain the cosmetic tools and equipment you need to fulfill those needs to the best of your ability. We will then talk about a monthly payment plan that works with your budget, and how long you will pay those monthly payments. By making it easy and affordable to you, you will not have to stress about medical equipment financing, but can just offer your patients the care that they need in order to become better.

  • Ready to Get Started?

    For financial help with equipping your dermatologist office with the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry, contact Direct Capital today. With the financial solutions that work the very best for professionals like you, we are committed to helping your patients achieve the confidence of having beautiful and healthy skin. Call 866.777.0117 or fill out our online inquiry form to get started.