• Excavator Leasing and Financing

  • At Direct Capital, we have a history of working with businesses that are looking to increase the size of their equipment fleet. By offering customizable plans such as excavator financing, we are able to give our clients the options they like for the tools they need. Whether your mining requirements necessitate upgraded equipment or a construction bid, you will have to expand the tools at your disposal. You can count on us to help.

  • Benefits of Excavator Leasing

    Long reach excavators are some of the most common pieces of heavy construction equipment. They are extremely useful for digging, trenching, handling materials, mulching and landscaping, among other tasks. Having such diverse capabilities makes these tools highly in-demand; unfortunately, they are also high in cost. When you opt to work with excavator leasing companies, you unload the worry of a large price tag and instead make affordable payments on a monthly basis.

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    One of the many reasons our excavator leasing program is so appealing to contractors, farmers and other business owners is because with us, there are no surprises. We work closely with every one of our clients to determine what their backhoe excavating needs are and then develop a financing structure that fits perfectly. The plan will include:

    • Low monthly payments that fit into your regular budget
    • Extremely competitive rates for an excavator loan
    • A customized approach to encompass all of your machinery needs
    In addition to providing excavation equipment financing , we can also assist businesses with soft costs, such as installation.


    If you are in a construction, farming, industrial business or otherwise, and use large machines often, chances are your fleet extends well beyond a hydraulic excavator. We offer our clients the chance to piece together financing options for other equipment as well, such as:


    Leasing provides additional benefits. Extra benefits of excavator financing include:

    • Avoiding the problem of acquiring an asset that depreciates
    • Freeing up cash flow for other expenses
    • Ditching the worry of maintenance and repair costs
    • Increasing the efficacy of your work through utilizing upgraded machines
  • Ready to Get Started?

    We are a leader among excavation equipment leasing companies. At Direct Capital, we prioritize your needs and your budget, customizing every financing opportunity. No matter if you are looking to add multiple machines to your existing fleet or simply acquire one piece of equipment to get the job done, we have the funding capacity to assist you. To get started, simply fill out our contact form online or give us a call at (866) 777-0117.