• Fitness Equipment Leasing And Financing

  • There are few other industries that are so tied to their equipment as the fitness and exercise sectors. The reason why so many people choose to enroll in gyms or fitness clubs is to gain access to the equipment available at the facilities. While equipment is certainly not the only resource that a gym relies on to help people get fit and healthy, it is one of the most expensive. Fitness equipment leasing is an excellent way for any size gym or club to get more out of your company’s burn rate. At Direct Capital our resources provide financing to meet the needs of your fitness center.

  • Benefits of Fitness Equipment Leasing

    Small, intimate fitness centers often have a rapport with their clientele. The personalities of the trainers and staff may be why the clients come back, but exercise machinery is often how such places can produce results. Small businesses in particular might not have the money or credit necessary to purchase expensive training equipment. In such cases, gym equipment leasing and financing is ideal. Here are a few of the most important reasons to lease:

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    Easy Upgrading

    Fitness is one of the largest growing areas of business in part because there is a constant flow of new fitness techniques being studied and developed. For example, an exercise center may hire a Pilates specialist and is in need of some specialized Pilates Reformers. By leasing sports equipment, a fitness club can offer new and exciting classes without waiting to sell older machinery.

    Tax Deductible

    One of the most readily apparent benefits is the tax deduction options of leasing. Since leased equipment for weightlifting, cycling, or running is considered an overhead expense rather than an asset, it does not have to be claimed on annual taxes and is tax deductible.

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    Leasing fitness machinery costs significantly less money than purchasing it. Not only is the initial expense reduced, but fitness businesses do not have to worry about replacing it when it is damaged, nor do they need to worry about selling devices that are outdated. Depending on the lease agreement, the supplier will provide replacements, even after malfunctions caused by wear and tear.

    Staying Competitive

    Maintaining a hold in the business world often means needing to take risks with available capital or by liquidating assets. One of the least risky moves that a small fitness business can undertake is to sell equipment that it already owns and transform it into usable funds, then leasing newer and better machinery. This solution provides extra capital for the business to use to expand and also provides the latest and greatest tools of the trade.

  • We at Direct Capital are experienced at procuring excellent leasing and financing options for our customers. Whether you would like to lease exercise equipment as part of an expansion project or would simply prefer to have more money to spend, ours is the clear choice for small and medium sized gyms.

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