• Ice Machine Leasing And Financing

  • When you feel you have the right ideas to expand or grow your business, the first step is coming up with the money to get there. Whether your ice machine breaks, your credit isn’t the best, or you need cash fast, we can help you with creative borrowing options that give you the freedom you need to focus on your business.Our ice machine financing programs are simple, creative, and help you put more money back in your pocket. Our goal is to save you money and simplify the details on your end with an ice machine lease.

  • Benefits of Ice Machine Leasing

    If you're waffling between purchasing new equipment and ice machine leasing, we've got a long list of benefits you can enjoy when you choose to lease your equipment:
    • Easier payments
    • Accommodating terms
    • Tax savings
    • Minimal paperwork
    • Keep credit lines open

    Here at Direct Capital, we’ll help you facilitate the refrigerator leasing process so you can enjoy the benefits of new equipment without the risky investment. Leasing equipment offers many advantages to business owners, and we are here to help you find the terms you feel comfortable with. These are just a few examples of the benefits you can enjoy with an ice maker lease. A huge investment of capital in new equipment can leave you without the cash you need for emergencies and special circumstances, and we’re here to protect you from those situations.

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    Direct Capital Difference

    We know you’ve got options when it comes to ice machine leasing. We also know how important your equipment is to your business. Additionally, we understand that it’s tough to sacrifice your working capital or credit for brand new equipment when you don’t have a lot of cash to go around. Because we believe in your business, we’ll help you get the financing you need.

    Direct Capital is always focused on four important goals.

    • Provide the financial products that businesses need
    • Deliver those products with automation and extraordinary speed
    • Offer those products at the most competitive prices
    • Wrap it all up in an unforgettable customer service experience

    Let Us Help You

    Handing your financial problems over to another company when your dreams are involved is difficult. That’s why we work hard to include you in all the important decisions and ideas we come up with. We’ll treat your dream as if it’s our own.

    We have the resources and the contacts necessary to get you the best deal when it’s time to lease an ice machine. We set up affordable monthly payments, attractive terms, and buyout options you can feel good about when you choose us for your financing needs.

    With so many years of experience in the lending business, we also understand that every single business is different and has different needs. That’s why we work hard to customize your program to fit your business. We understand your different borrowing options, and are confident we can help you come up with the right solution to grow your business.

  • Here at Direct Capital, our mission is to get you the financing you need to turn your business into your dream. We are dedicated to giving our customers what they want, exactly when they want it. Our customer service experience is like no other, and we’ve helped thousands of companies across hundreds of industries to get the loans and financing necessary to improve business.

  • Ready to Get Started?

    When you’re ready to expand your business and need the help of an ice machine leasing company, call Direct Capital at 866-777-0117. We are here to answer any questions you have about your financing options, and provide testimonials from our clients to show that we truly are the best of the ice machine leasing companies.

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