• Imaging Equipment Leasing and Financing

  • Diagnosing patients becomes much easier when you have the proper equipment. Patients often complain of issues that are not easily or quickly understood, and could end up waiting a long time for a proper diagnosis if your office does not contain the imaging equipment to push the process along. Fortunately, imaging equipment allows for quicker diagnosis because doctors are able to see further into the body than ever before. At Direct Capital, we provide imaging equipment leasing to enable healthcare professionals everywhere to provide their patients with the best care possible.

  • Benefits of Imaging Device Leasing

    There are many medical professions that can benefit from the use of imaging equipment. These devices can not only diagnose certain diseases and ailments of the human body, but can aid in treatment and assist in following the course of diseases that have already been previously diagnosed. Obstetricians, dentists, oncologists, and radiologists all benefit from a variety of imaging tools such as x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scanners, MRI machines, and more. Some of the benefits that small or large medical practices will experience through a lease include:

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    Maintaining Credit

    The many costs associated with running a medical practice can begin to take a toll on your credit rating. You may even tie up credit lines trying to keep up with financial demands. By leasing the imaging devices that you need, you will not have to use the credit line, and can give your credit score a break.

    Tax Deductions

    In addition to being a flexible and affordable option overall, leasing the imaging equipment that you need for your medical office may also become a tax benefit. Leased products are often non-taxable because they are not purchases. This allows you to deduct the payments when tax season rolls around.

    Company Growth

    As a company, you may be looking for ways to grow and improve each day. Leasing the equipment you need frees up some of the capital that you can use in other areas of your medical practice. Doing this can increase the cash flow and allow you to maintain a standard of excellence for your medical practice

  • Ready to Get Started?

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