• Laptop Leasing And Financing

  • Mobile computing has given businesses the advantage of being able to expand their operations out of the confines of the office and take their computing capabilities to a client’s home turf. Remote access to the company server means that, with a laptop, any client lunch or meet-and-greet can be quickly turned into an opportunity to review business information.

    This new technology certainly doesn’t come cheap. Higher-end models, like those that you’d see used in business applications, can easily run up to $3000 per unit. You need to have access to that kind of equipment in order to make the mobilizing of your workforce worth it. Yet committing a large portion of your  working capital to buying new laptops or limiting your borrowing power by taking out a laptop loan may end up hurting your improvement efforts.

  • The Benefits of Laptop Leasing

    Not to worry; we at Direct Capital are here to help. We can offer you the financial support you need to enter into a laptop leasing agreement with a manufacturer or a laptop leasing company. Leasing your company’s laptops as opposed to buying them can offer a number of business advantages:

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    A laptop is like any other high-end item: as soon as you start to use it, it depreciates in value. After only a couple of years of use, you face the dilemma of needing to upgrade your equipment while having to sell your outdated laptops well below the purchase price. With a lease agreement, you have the option of easily upgrading your equipment once your laptop finance agreement is up. Plus, if you weren’t happy with the equipment during the lease, you can walk away from it and go with another manufacturer’s product without the risk of a financial loss.


    With a laptop loan arranged through another laptop finance company, you may be required to generate a significant down payment up front. By comparison, a laptop leasing agreement financed through us at Direct Capital usually requires no down payment. Your monthly lease payments will also remain fixed throughout the term of your lease.


    Filing for a laptop loan can be a very time-consuming process. There’s the review of your business’s financial statements and tax returns, plus the time required to have the lender subject your application to various loan criteria. This process may take up to several weeks, leaving you without the laptops that your company needs as you wait to learn your approval status.  Financing a lease agreement, on the other hand, can take as little as one hour. All that’s required is a review of your company’s credit history, and you’re ready to approach the leasing company with cash in hand.

  • Ready to Get Started?

    Give your company and yourself access to the latest in laptop technology by choosing one of the many laptop  financing options that we have to offer here at  Direct Capital. We’re committed to helping you enjoy all of the benefits that laptop leasing can provide. Our team of dedicated financial professionals is ready and waiting to answer any of your questions and concerns. Just give us a call at 1.866.777.0117 today.