• Medical Laser Equipment Leasing and Financing

  • Sometimes the most precise care a healthcare professional can provide for patients is with laser equipment. Laser equipment leasing with Direct Capital is one of the best ways to ensure that you have the resources necessary to provide that care, all at a price you can afford. A medical laser is basically a device that targets certain areas of the body in order to remove or treat specific tissues with a precisely focused light source. That light source has the ability to focus on the smallest areas, making it a great resource for many different types of surgeries. In many cases, they are used instead of a scalpel, to cut through tissue during a surgery.

  • Benefits of Laser Financing

    At Direct Capital, we strive to bring our customers the greatest number of benefits available. We understand that running any type of medical practice can get pricey, and we are confident that you will be able to handle the monthly payments we agree upon. After a term that we both feel is appropriate, you will have the option to buy out. This allows the monthly payments you have made to go towards an overall purchase price of the laser tools. Other benefits of leasing your devices with us include:

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    This type of equipment helps patients remain more comfortable. Most patients would rather experience less invasive procedures than have to go under the knife. Our equipment financing makes it possible for you to lease the most innovative and modern tools in the industry, which increases the comfort and satisfaction of the patient. With laser treatment, postoperative discomfort is greatly decreased. Being able to lease the most advanced tools in the industry plays an important factor in that.


    Laser tool financing is a quick and easy process that helps you get the equipment you need without a long wait. Our staff is committed to ensuring a speedy process so that you can focus more on your patients.

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    By financing the medical laser devices that you need for your practice, you end up with the option to upgrade at the end of the term. Doing this allows you to always have the most up-to-date equipment that will benefit your field. You will not owe any cash payments up front. In many situations, you can lease without any payments for the first few months.


    Leasing allows you to maintain and/or obtain the capital you need to make other payments. With small monthly payments for your equipment, you have the capital needed to pay employees, pay rent, pay for advertising, and so forth.

  • At Direct Capital, we offer the most customized laser equipment financing options. No matter your needs, no matter your timetable, and no matter your budget, we have a laser leasing option that will work for you.

  • Ready to Get Started?

    For more information on laser loans and what type of equipment we can help you lease, contact Direct Capital today at 866.777.0117 and let’s get started by expanding your practice with financing for the most precise tools for the job. We are waiting to show you why experts in the field of medical lasers have come to us for over 20 years for all their equipment financing needs.