Packaging Equipment Leasing and Financing




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Financing Type: Equipment FinancingWorking Capital
Term: months
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Sample Credit: A+
Sample Time in Business: 5+ years
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As the owner of a printing business, you are committed to providing your customers with the highest level of quality and service when it comes to packaging equipment. You know that your clients rely on you to help them present their products to their customers; the right packaging equipment finance program will help you meet and exceed their expectations. In order to print the best packaging, your business needs the latest technology and equipment, but coming up with cash to purchase new machinery can cut into your profits. Instead, rely on Direct Capital to find packaging equipment loans that keep your business competitive without reducing your cash flow.

Benefits of Packaging Equipment Leasing

Packaging equipment financing gives you the option to get the right mix of equipment without breaking the bank. It’s not always easy to find cash or qualify for a loan to purchase everything you need. Some of the benefits for leasing packaging equipment are:


Leasing offers the benefit of having predict able monthly expenses. Instead of unpredictable one-time large purchases, leasing gives you a payment plan that helps you budget for all your expenses and gives you a steady cash flow over time, even when you need to add new equipment to your lineup on short notice. As a small business it might not be financially feasible to purchase different machines to fulfill all these printing needs. Instead, many companies prefer to find packaging equipment loans that offer the flexibility to have more machinery with less up-front cash required.


Packaging is a critical component of the branding and sales strategy for many companies, which means that your printing company needs a wide variety of machinery to be able to fulfill the expectations that clients have to get unique and strong shelf appeal. Direct Capital can help you come up with the right options for financing printing presses that create: Medical and pharmaceutical packaging, Food and beverage packaging, Personal care item packaging, Entertainment, games, DVD, CD, and technology packaging, and Custom packaging for special promotions.


Industrial and commercial machinery can be costly. A lease can help you expand your business into new package printing markets and improve your existing capabilities with new machines. Packaging equipment finance companies have several options for little or no money down loans so you can get one or more machines without significant capital outlays.

Ready to get Started?

Whether you’re printing simple designs on foldable cartons or intricate designs on heavy micro-flute corrugate, your success depends on having the appropriate machinery to do every job, both large and small. Find out about how you can finance the equipment you need by talking to Direct Capital today. Call 866-777-0117 to discuss your needs and the options that are available from packaging equipment leasing companies.