• Sign Leasing and Financing

  • Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any business, apart from the quality of the product or service offered, is the ability of customers and clients to find the premises. To help facilitate this are thousands of different types of sign designs. Unbeknownst to people outside of the business world, huge electronic or digital signs and custom banners can cost a pretty penny, and some businesses cannot find the funds to afford them. This can be disastrous to the future prosperity of said businesses and is one of the reasons why Direct Capital encourages growing businesses to request sign financing or to lease signs for their company.

  • Benefits of Sign Leasing and Financing

    Without an outdoor sign, businesses can say goodbye to welcoming potential customers to their store. In this day and age when a competitor is just an internet search away, retaining clientele is paramount. It can be difficult to expect new customers to enter a retail location if it is nearly impossible to find because the signage is not up to par. A sign loan is the optimal way of getting the benefits of an excellent LED or digital sign, but without spending a fortune doing so. Here are a few reasons why leasing and financing are recommended.

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    The benefits of having a highly visible and eye-grabbing sign are obvious: better visibility from the street, higher chance of walk-in clientele, and easier to find premises for interested customers. However, the cost of purchasing a sign outright can be thousands or even tens-of-thousands of dollars. Sign financing substantially lowers the initial investment, making it an easier cost for business owners to bear.


    Purchasing a new digital or outdoor sign can be a long and arduous process. With our help, business owners will not only have a financial advantage when it comes to purchasing signs for their premises, but can enjoy an experience advantage as well. We can connect a company with a trusted sign maker and have a sign completed quickly so that it can start doing what it has been designed to do.


    If a business discovers that it needs better signs but cannot afford them, sign leasing companies can help. Visuals are a crucial aspect in the business world and the quality and modernity of a sign can reflect on the types of products or services a business offers. For companies that would like to put their best images forward but cannot afford to purchase new signs outright, then a sign finance program is a viable option.

  • Ready to Get Started?

    To learn more about the sign leasing process, or to inquire about special sign financing, call our office at 866.777.0117. Direct Capital is ready to help make your business even more prosperous with the help of professional quality signage.