Direct Capital Tracks U.S. Small Business Lending Demand In New Heat Map

Portsmouth, N.H. — February 20, 2013 — Direct Capital, a leading nationwide provider of equipment leasing, business loans, and working capital, has released a heat map illustrating small business lending demand over the last year in the United States.

The heat map revealed that while lending demand was strong across the board in 2012, several states saw a strong increase in demand over the course of the year, including California, Texas, and Florida. From a regional standpoint, demand was strong on the East and West Coast, as well as throughout the Midwest. Demand was weakest in North and South Dakota, Vermont, Delaware, Montana, and Wyoming. The new info graphic is color-coded from red to blue to indicate degree of demand.

A recent Thomson/Reuters poll found thousands of small businesses applied for financing in 2012, marking the strongest small business demand since the recession but indicating that demand is likely to remain steady through Q1 2013.

Direct Capital’s January Lending Index backed the Thomson/Rueters poll findings. The company’s Index showed a considerable increase in financing demand in January 2013 compared with January 2012.

To view the infographic, please go to our PointBlank article.

About Direct Capital

Established in 1993, Direct Capital ( provides financing for small- to mid-ticket equipment and technology purchases, working capital, and business loans. The company is headquartered in Portsmouth, N.H. and operates offices in New York, California, and Georgia. You can follow Direct Capital on Twitter at or subscribe to its PointBlank blog at