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Amount to Finance:
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Financing Type: Equipment FinancingWorking Capital
Term: months
End of Term Option: N/A
Sample Credit: A+
Sample Time in Business: 5+ years
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It’s hard to imagine Taco John’s as just a small taco stand in Wyoming. With success in the franchise (and taco) space, Taco John’s has expanded to a flourishing quick service restaurant. The Taco John’s franchise didn’t get from where they were to where they are now without the help of some new equipment, updated technology, building acquisitions, or hiring a staff. To receive all of those assets today, you’d need a large sum of cash – or a financing package designed specifically for you by Direct Capital.

Benefits of Financing with Direct Capital

As your website says, “No one does Mexican like we do.” Well, the same goes for Direct Capital – sort of. No one does financing like us. When your Taco John’s franchise needs a financing solution, Direct Capital knows exactly how to help. We’ve been helping businesses in the franchise space for over 20 years and have done enough industry research to provide you with affordable, competitive rates that you can’t pass up.

Speed and Ease

Another facet of our financing is the ability to get the cash you need when you need it. With a 3 minute application, and 30 second approval process, you’ll never have to wait to take advantage of unexpected business opportunities.

Preserve Your Cash Flow

There’s no need to dip into a savings account to pay for bulk purchases like equipment upgrades or store remodels. Financing allows you to budget for a consistent payment while leaving your credit line free and clear.

Remarkable Customer Experience

We want what’s best for your business and we strive to provide that to you. Our financing experts will work one-on-one with you to deliver a financing package that makes sense for your budget and your specific needs.

Ready to get Started?

Direct Capital serves financing like you serve your customers – with speed, ease, and affordability. Choose the company that knows your business and can help take it to the next level. To get started designing your financing package, call 888-501-6846 today.