• X-Ray Machine Leasing and Financing

  • When patients entrust their health to you, there is a lot on your plate. Not only do you have the responsibility of properly diagnosing your patients, but they typically want an answer about how to treat the issues they are dealing with. The good news is that with an x-ray machine, diagnosis and treatment are often sped up because medical professionals like you are able to see exactly what is going on. At Direct Capital, our x-ray machine loans are affordable so that our customers are able to focus on the health of their patients and offer them the support that they need. Whether you practice dentistry or orthopedics, portable x-ray scanner leasing could be your best option.

  • Benefits of X-Ray Machine Leasing

    Medical or dental x-ray device leasing makes a lot of sense when you sit down and discover the benefits. At Direct Capital, we are committed to your success and want to provide you with the x-ray financing options that will work the best for your office. Some of the benefits of leasing with Direct Capital include:

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    When upgrades are available for the x-ray machines that you have in your office, you have the option to upgrade your machine. Doing so allows you to continue providing your patients with the most excellent service in the industry, no matter what medical field that is. Additionally, following an agreed-upon term, you have the option for buyout of the equipment.


    Leasing an x-ray machine with Direct Capital really frees up the money that you have to spend on other day-to-day expenses. You may need to purchase supplies, pay employees, or make a payment on your advertising campaign. With the small monthly payments that you will have for your equipment lease, you can use that capital to keep your practice in business.

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    At Direct Capital, we are committed to the success of your patients through the success of your practice. When we sit down with you to discuss the financial needs that you have, we will do our best to understand your business plan, the focus of your practice, and the budget that you have to work with. With all of that information in hand, we will come up with a financial plan that you will be able to work with. It is completely customized to your needs.


    Perhaps one of the more unknown advantages of x-ray system leasing with Direct Capital is that you can deduct the payments on your taxes. A lease is considered an overhead expense and is therefore tax-deductible. A tax advisor can help you learn more about the other tax benefits of leasing equipment.

  • Ready to Get Started?

    Whether you run a dental practice, are an orthopedic surgeon, or a primary care physician, x-ray machine financing with Direct Capital is something that will benefit your practice in more ways than one. If you are looking for the most affordable way to put x-ray technology into your office, you have come to the right place. Contact us today at 866.777.0117, or fill out our easy online form to get started.