• Where Culture Matters Because work and fun go hand in hand at Direct Capital.

  • Our Team

    Direct Capital’s culture is what brings excitement to each and every day at the office. We’re not just a group of sales representatives, funding, credit, and project managers, software developers, customer service representatives, and marketing executives. We’re a team that positions each of our players for success by committing to a workplace that fosters collaboration and positivity.

  • Our Core Values

    At Direct Capital, our Core Values guide our daily routine and are a key component of our culture. These 10 principles drive our business focus, strategy, growth, and outlook, and truly embody what it means to be a part of the Direct Capital team. Our Core Values are not only represented visually in our workplace, featured in posters on walls throughout our office, but are apparent in the way we communicate and the decisions we make each day. Check out our Core Values and see what our employees have to say about what some of the values mean to them.

    Make it Remarkable: 
Be Scrappy, Enjoy the Ride, Drive Big Momentum, Crush Obstacles, Be Point Blank, Bring the Passion, Invent Solutions, See Change, Give, Remarable Experience

  • GIVE in Action

    “Give” is the Core Value that captures the generous and community-focused spirit of Direct Capital. Throughout the year, Direct Capital collects charitable donations for designated local and national organizations or families that are in need, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters New Hampshire, Active Heroes, Best Buddies New Hampshire, and more. We encourage employees to participate in office-wide philanthropic efforts like this along with practicing individual acts of kindness in their everyday life. While financial donations can make a significant difference, time, talent, and energy are equally valuable contributions that Direct Capital employees regularly make. 

    Collage of employee participation in giving events

    Best Buddies New Hampshire, Active Heros, New Hampshire Food Bank, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

  • CIT Cares Month

    As part of CIT Cares month, which takes place each June in every CIT office across the country, we fire up our competitive energy to participate in a macaroni and cheese packing challenge. Employees are divided into teams with cheesy names like “For the Grater Gouda,” and compete in several heats to pack the greatest number of meals in a limited time. In June 2017, we provided 32,400 meals for the New Hampshire Food Bank, a new division record.

    Learn more about the events CIT employees recently participated in by watching our 2017 CIT Cares Month video

  • Recognizing Our Employees

    Direct Capital leans on its employees to bring the best and brightest ideas to the table. But this notion isn’t limited to upper management; ideas can and should come from every employee. To encourage collaboration, we hold regular crowdsourcing meetings, bringing together employees from every level and department to tackle questions and brainstorm solutions.

    Direct Capital also recognizes employees on a monthly basis during company meetings. Each department nominates an “Employee of the Month” who is called out during the meeting, along with shout-outs to team members that are producing great work.  

    The Spot

    A weekly feature we call “The Spot” is another way Direct Capital highlights employees. An employee is introduced each Friday in an email that includes fun facts like their favorite Core Value and hobbies outside of work. That employee enjoys the use of a prominent reserved parking space for an entire week.